2021 Yamaha 255 FSH Series Product Release

New for 2021 is the exciting 25-foot Yamaha 252 FSH Sport and 255 FSH Sport E center console boats that are the most capable and versatile boats in their class. These larger models of Yamaha’s popular FSH Series are designed with the size, power, and fuel range for serious offshore adventures.  

The 252 FSH Sport features twin, Yamaha 1.8L High Output engines. These normally-aspirated engines are powerful, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free. Acceleration is instant, bow rise is minimal, and more deck space is available for fishing and fun.

For buyers who want the most performance available, and the premium features that come with Yamaha’s E-Series drive-by-wire features, the 255 FSH Sport E gets twin 1.8L supercharged Yamaha SVHO® marine engines for a combined 500-horsepower.